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7 Things You Need to Include into Your Reflective Essay Right Now

What is a reflective essay format? Before answering the question, let’s define what a reflective essay is. This type of paper requires expressing your emotions or thoughts about a phenomena or event. This type of paper gives students a solid training in developing their critical thinking skills and expressing their opinions about a topic. Learn some reflective essay tips to submit an A+ paper.

reflective essay format

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  • 500 to 1000 words
  • 2-4 pages
  • 25% introduction, 50% body and 25% conclusion
  • The content is 50% description and 50% reflection

Reflective Essay Format

You should think of an event that will be your essay’s topic. Then, ask yourself how you are feeling about it and ways that it is affecting your life and the reasons – so that you can make a thesis, which will be your essay’s focal point. When done, these are the parts of your essay.

  • Introduction: You should start with the introduction, which contains the hook that grabs the attention of your readers. It can also give them a quick preview about the most exciting part of the story. Then, it also contains the thesis that tells the topic of the essay as well as about a specific experience, place or person that influenced you.
  • Body: If writing about an event or experience, you may want to use chronology in the reflective essay format to avoid having a muddled essay body. And in this part, you should write about the impact that the event has made and things that you have learned from it.
  • Conclusion: This is the closing part of your essay that must include the summary of the essay’s main points as well as the overall lesson you have learned. Don’t introduce new information in this section because this should only serve as restating the points that you stated and things you have learned.

Follow these tips in writing with the reflective essay format so that you can have that perfect paper that you will be proud of and that can get you that high grades. Nobody wants to spend much time on reflective essay writing. How about you?

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