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College Personal Statement Sample

Check a sample of the college personal statement written by our experts. You may find many great college personal statement examples online and craft your own essay based on these formats.

College Application Personal Statement Sample

By the end of our high school, we say goodbye. We bid goodbye to dillydally and say hello the future we’ve always dreamed of. By writing this, I take the first step of saying hello to my bright future.

I believe that before waging a war, you should first know your enemies. And I ready to wage a war, to take on a difficult course: Accountancy. Yet, I still believe that I possess the skills and determination needed to finish this course with flying colors.

Accountancy is not Math. Contrary to belief, according to my research and interviews, I believe that only one-fourth of your mathematical abilities is needed. What I think is needed the most is the ability to comprehend; to take on long and complicated problems and not be discouraged by them at first glance. To put it bluntly, accountancy is not about math, it’s all about the mind.

Having finished as class salutatorian in my previous high school, I merely prove that I am do not just excel in math, but in mind skills as well. Ever since learning basic accounting in high school, I have found myself loving the course, and believing that this is what I can do well.

I dream of being a Chief Accountant.  With this, I firmly believe that only your university is capable of honing me greater than what I am today. I believe that the school can provide me with a wide range of opportunities to learn about the business and accounting world, as well as good job opportunities in the future.

I have a true passion for studying. I have a true passion for knowledge and perseverance that will escalate to success. With this statement, I hope that you give me a place in your college, and I assure that I will exercise this passion, as well as share it to everyone that I may encounter in my journey at your college.

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