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Would an Increase Text Extension Tool Help You?

simple essay extenderHow many times have you got to the end of your writing and found that you still have a page or even two to do to meet the expectations of your tutor. Often they will set a minimum page or word count for the work so that you will have some guidance as to how much work is required to answer their essay fully. Sometimes, however, you will get to the point where there is just nothing more to say and you will still be shy of their expectations.

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A text inflator is one way that you can use to help meet your requirements for a word inflator and easy to extend the paper length. Our simple to use text inflator will be able to add to your page length quickly and effectively even if you have no time left to get additional work done before you submit your paper.

How to Use a Generator Placed Here

Our text inflator is an online tool that you can access at any time night or day to help you to extend paper length very quickly. It is a tool that is simple to use and offers excellent results every time. Simply paste your source text extension that you want to have lengthened into the box provided on the generator, answer the security challenge, and let the tool do its work.

Within a few seconds, the essay inflator will have worked through your paper and added in many additional words without affecting the original meaning in any way. This will help you to ensure that your generated paper will meet the expectations of your tutor without having to spend additional time doing more research.

How Does Our Essay Inflator Actually Work?

Most of the time when we write we will try to make it as concise and to the point as possible so as to make it easier to read. However, this can make it hard to achieve our page count. Our essay inflator will make your essay longer by simply adding in extra modifiers to your many verbs and adjectives. It will also swap smaller words for longer ones and even replace them with short phrases that mean the same; such as replacing “if” with “in the event that”.

Mistakes That Students Make When Extending Their Writing

Many students will seek help online from some tools such as text inflator to make their writing longer and will read a huge amount of advice about how they can achieve their set word count. Much of this advice, however, is often misplaced and can actually cause you to lose marks.

The following are some of the things that you can do but may cause you to actually lose marks rather than improve your essay:

  • Change fonts, font size, and margins:  this can often be spotted very easily, especially if your tutor imports your text into their own template.
  • Use double spaces after each sentence, increase the spacing between lines: when the tutor sees your pages besides those of another student these cheats will often stand out.
  • Writing excessive fluff and filler to make the word count: your tutor will be able to spot the meaningless sentences within your writing.
  • Using additional lengthy quotations: if they are irrelevant or you simply use too many within your paper your tutor will penalize you.

The Benefits of Using Our Extender

Ours is one of the most effective tools that you will find online for increasing your page count without having to play around with fonts, text sizes, margins, and other formatting settings. Our text inflator adds actual additional text to your work and will ensure that your writing meets your specialists’ expectations. The benefits of the text inflator are:

The benefits of our tool are:

  • Available around the clock from anywhere in the world
  • No restrictions on how many times you can use it
  • Our text inflator is totally free to use and no registration required
  • Very quick to provide you with extended writing that you can use

Possible Issues with Using a Generator

length essay extenderComputers, unfortunately, cannot actually read and understand what they have been asked to write, so they will not always make correct selections when adding or changing words within your essay. They may also make your writing appear “unusual” or even change the meaning in some way. It is therefore very important that you work through the best text to speech extension that has been generated by the text inflator to correct and improve any issues that may have been inadvertently created within your essay.

Use Our Professional Help to Extend Your Paper

While using a text inflator is quick and can be a real help in an emergency when you have no time left it can result in you getting lower grades. It is always better to turn to a professional writer that can make your essay longer by adding some real value to your writing. We offer our services through subject qualified writing experts that will fully understand what is required to not only meet the expectations of your tutor but also how to take your writing to the next level to boost your grades.

Our services provide only unique and error-free writing with all services offered with free proofreading and a plagiarism report as standard. We always deliver on time and cover our confidential support with our full satisfaction money-back guarantee to protect you at all times.

If you want to make your writing longer make use of our free and easy-to-use tool or get in touch with our professional writers!

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