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How to Conclude a Reflective Essay

Reflection writing is a good exercise to hone your critical thinking skills as you will have to write about your emotions and reactions to a particular situation or event in your life. This may sound easy at first but when it comes to developing your story, sometimes you become a loss for words which can be quite frustrating especially when you’re about to wrap up your essay. You’re probably wondering how to conclude a reflective essay that will work nicely with the rest of your essay. Here’s what our essay help have to say about it.

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Tips on How to Conclude a Reflective Essay

  • Summarize. The first part of your conclusion should be a brief summary of your entire paper. Make sure that you capture the most important parts.
  • Think realizations. You should also include what you’ve realized from your experience.
  • Ask a question. Another way to conclude your essay is to ask a rhetorical question that will force your readers to consider what you have to say. This way, your readers will do their own critical thinking based on your point of view.
  • Engage your readers. It would also be a good idea to ask your readers if they have a similar experience like you.
  • Don’t rely on facts. Your conclusion should be more on your personal belief rather than facts since this essay focuses on your ideas.
  • Be you. End your essay with a personal thought that perfectly sums up your entire paper.
  • Review your work. It pays to go over your essay so you can make changes as needed before sending in your paper.

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