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Most Common Stylistic Mistakes in Paper Writing

Some typical mistakes in paper writingThere are common mistakes that students commit when they write their paper and these mistakes can give you poor marks. In this article, we are going to discuss the style mistakes that students like you have to avoid in writing your paper. Read these tips from paper writing service:

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Paper Writing Service: Do you really need quotes?

If you write literature, current events, history and other research papers related to other fields, you may need quotes. When it comes to science, however, you have to remember that a direct quote is rarely needed. When writing student papers, you need not to write direct quotes especially in a technical paper. You have to express your thoughts and not the thoughts of someone else.

Paper Writing Service: What verb tense should be used?

Most students commit errors in their research papers because of their erroneous verb tense usage. Your grammatically wrong sentences reflect a very poor work from you. Remember to use past tense when the action has taken place because if not, your readers might be confused on what you are really talking about. Combining verb tenses in a paragraph will hurt the eyes and ears of your readers. In order to avoid it, you can proofread you work to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Paper Writing Service: Did you proofread your work?

Due to tight deadlines and poor writing ability, most students do not proofread their work. There are things that you might not notice when you do not proofread your work such as overused phrases, misspellings, incomplete phrases.

Paper Writing Service: Did you remove irrelevant information?

Even if there is a lot of information that you can find on the web, you should still be careful in choosing what data you should include in your research paper.

Paper Writing Service: Did you use superlatives?

The use of words such as exciting, incredible, wonderful, astounding, etc will make your research paper ambiguous because what may be incredible for you might not be the case for your readers.

These are some common mistakes that students commit in their research paper. If you think you commit too many of them, then hire paper writing service today.