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Paper writing service advice on research paper formatting

Proper Paper Formatting with Paper Writing ServicePaper writing service discusses the parts of a research paper

A research paper begins with the abstract. Here, the paper is discussed briefly. It is an overview of the paper. It is different from the introduction because the abstract only gives a summary of the paper.

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From there, you can begin with the introduction. In the introduction, you present a background of the paper, the objectives and if there is one, the thesis statement. Additional information such as a brief history of the topic can also be inputted here.

The main body is where you discuss all your facts and findings. You collate all the data you have gathered and discuss it in a clear and coherent manner in the sense that your readers will easily understand what you are trying to explain in your paper. If you conducted an experiment, you discuss all the data gathered and analyze it in this part of the paper as well.

In the conclusion, you summarize everything about your paper. This is not just a longer version of the abstract but you also input recommendations and sum up everything in the paper. You make sure that the objectives were answered in the conclusion of the paper.

Paper writing service highlights the proper use of citation in a research paper

The last part of the paper is the references. There are different two different ways to cite your sources in a research paper namely the American Psychologists Association (APA) format and the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. The difference between the two is that the MLA format is used to cite sources within the fields of liberal arts and humanities while APA is more commonly used in the social sciences.

That is an explanation on formatting a research paper from Paper Writing Service.