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Paper Writing Service Advice on the Basic Thesis Format

Basic Thesis Structure from Paper Writing ServicePaper Writing Service Advice on Thesis Writing

Writing a thesis can take up a considerable amount of one’s time given the task. It not only requires simple writing skills but a large amount of research, time and dedication. Some spend as long as a whole year simply working on their thesis while some will take on the job in one term. No matter the time span or the length of your thesis, it is important to know what to do when writing the thesis.

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Paper Writing Service Talks About the Thesis Format

A thesis requires a lot of preparation before the actual writing process. It involves a good amount of research and planning. While it is important to be armed with all the data needed for the actual writing, it is also important that you are familiar with the basic format of the thesis. Below are the general parts of the thesis:

  1. Abstract – The abstract is a teaser of your thesis. In one paragraph or two, you briefly discuss the contents of your thesis. It also discusses briefly the relevance of your study.
  2. Table of Contents – The pagination of your thesis which will also help readers easily find chapters
  3. List of Tables, List of Figures – A guide which serve as reference
  4. Introduction – This is where you discuss the background of your study, your objectives and your thesis statement. Keep in mind that the thesis statement is the key idea of your study. Your data analysis later on should go back to your thesis statement and should address the objectives you stated in the introduction.
  5. Method – This is where you talk about how you went about in your study. Questions such as when you performed the study, where you did it, who your participants were, how you did the study and what methods did you use are questions that you have to answer.
  6. Results & Discussion – In this part, you present the results of your study and analyze the data you have gathered. From there, you discuss your findings and your analysis.
  7. Conclusion – This is where you wrap up the study and come up with the general findings of your study. If you have recommendations for future studies, this is also where you can put them in.
  8. Bibliography – A list of all your references

There you have it! That is advice on the basic thesis format from Paper Writing Service.