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Paper Writing Service Talks About Literary Criticisms

Literaty Criticism from Paper Writing ServicePaper writing service talks about writing a literary criticism

A literary criticism is the study and interpretation of literature. It can examine a particular literary work or the author’s writings in its entirety. It can also compare and contrast work in terms of content, tie period or with other authors’ works. It can be in the form of a critical essay or an extended book review.  It hopes to explain and analyze the reader’s response and the author’s intent.

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Paper writing service discusses the types of literary criticism

There are various schools of thought in criticism. This can also be applied to literary criticism. Here are some of the more popular approaches to literary criticism:

  • The first one is the traditional approach. It is used to give a better understanding and appreciation of the work.
  • The rhetorical approach is one that tries to understand how the content of the work tries to persuade the reader and how arguments are presented.
  • The Marxist approach looks at the work in a socio-political aspect. It can observe the social classes evident in the literary work.
  • The formalist approach is concerned with the parts of the text and how they mesh together to make the whole.  It focuses on factors such as the chapters of the text, the setting, and the other elements of a story or poetry (i.e. point of view used, character development, literary devices used).
  • The psychoanalytic approach tackles the characters of the text and tries to understand why they act a certain way through the course of the story. It is based on Freudian principles.
  • The feminist approach notes the role of women in literature. It discusses the stereotypes of women and how women are portrayed. It will also talk about the images and the perceptions of women in literature.
  • The structuralist approach emphasizes on how works can be understood and the conventions used which help readers understand and make sense of the text. It also takes a look at the conventions of meaning and gets help from the rules which govern interpretation of text.

That is a short explanation on literary criticism from Paper Writing Service.