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Perfect Reflective Essay Topics

Reflective writing is mostly given by professors to gauge how well students perform when it comes to critical thinking. Revealing emotions as well as your opinion is not that easy but with the right topic, you can easily talk about how a particular subject or situation made a difference to you. The good news is that there are plenty of reflective essay topics to choose from. Unfortunately, deciding on which one to write about is another matter. For those who feel that having a professional writer assisting them will help them develop a professionally written paper, you might want to consider hiring our custom essay writing service right from the start.

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Best Reflective Essay Topics to Consider

For those who are looking for reflective essay topics list, these ideas may be worth considering.

  1. Sitting on top of a hill and watching the town below.
  2. An amusement park that you used to go to when you were a kid.
  3. Watching a relative lose his or her memory because of dementia.
  4. When you stood in front of a crowd to perform.
  5. A storm that hit your area and you were left in the dark with howling winds and torrential rain outside.
  6. Helping out in the soup kitchen.
  7. New skills you’ve acquired in your school.
  8. A time when you stood up against a bully at school or at work.
  9. When you feel disappointed about someone or something.
  10. The attic at your grandparents’ home.
  11. Visiting a strange place
  12. Looking at your town’s historic photos
  13. The endless shoreline you see whenever you go to the beach
  14. Watching younger kids play in the amusement park you used to go to when you were a kid
  15. Attending a birthday party of the oldest member of the family/relative
  16. The moment you need to speak yourself in front of an audience
  17. A strong storm that devastated your town
  18. Participating in an outreach program in a less fortunate community
  19. The moment you stood up against what you believe in
  20. Working with the least people you like
  21. Seeing the first gift you received from your grandparents
  22. Look at someone send somebody away
  23. Your first time in the court house
  24. Seeing someone after a very long time
  25. Changing schools/community/house
  26. Looking back at the moment you were given a huge responsibility at home/school
  27. Learning/Confronting a friend who’s talking behind your back
  28. Looking at the room where you grow up
  29. Looking at your first photograph
  30. Walking alone in the forest
  31. Having your first pet
  32. Your favorite part of the town (bookshop, coffee shop, restaurant, playground)
  33. The time you were caught lying
  34. A cloudless/starless sky and the emotion it brings to you
  35. Your best/worst time at school
  36. A mountain climbing experience
  37. The time you got lost
  38. Visiting a historic place
  39. The most challenging time of your life as a student/son/daughter
  40. The time when everyone is against you

Reflective essays allow your teachers to assess your reflective and critical thinking skills. This also reflects how you react, take or reveal your emotions in front of an experience that might change you as a person.

Writing your own reflective essay also makes you see yourself in a different perspective. It gives you time to contemplate on your emotions and how you handle a situation. The following are some of the topics you can ponder upon to serve as your guide in writing your own reflective essay.

Here you go a few ideas for reflective essays you can make use of.

Reflective Narrative Essay Topics Help

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