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Proper Formatting For Your Paper

The right way of formatting your paper, whatever you may be writing about, is very important. If you do not follow the right format for your paper, then your grade for your paper may be deducted by the judge of your paper. If you are not very familiar with the proper format of the paper that you are writing, then you can ask the help of a paper writing service.

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First, you must choose what kind of paper you will be printing your report on. Make sure the paper you will choose is an 8-inch by 11-inch paper. You must also make sure that you only use one side of the paper. Never use the back part of the paper.

Title Page

Ask your instructor if he or she requires your paper to have a title page. There are some instructors that will not allow you to have a title page while most instructors will be requiring you to have one. If you are required to have a title page, also ask your instructor the guidelines of what the title page should have. Usually, the title page has the title of the paper, your name and the name of your instructor.

Table of Contents

You should also ask your instructor if he or she still needs a table of contents for your paper. In this page, you must include an outline of the introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, citations, page numbers and more.

Double Space

You must make sure that your report is in double space format. This is more preferred by most instructors because it will be easier for them to judge by making comments and corrections.


The font is also a very important thing to consider in following the appropriate format for your paper. Your font must be standard, like Times new Roman. 9 to 10 points is the ideal size for your letters. This way, you instructor will not think that you are just trying to stretch your paper to make it look longer. A one inch margin is also important in every paragraph. Also, follow the indention that you instructor requires.

All of these formats will easily be followed by the Paper Writing Service. You do not have to worry about following the right format for your paper. This way, your paper will look more professional which lead to higher grades.


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