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Proper Formatting of Your Thesis

After you have researched for the information, facts and other materials for your thesis, you can then put them all together. However, you must not just compile them all at once; you need to follow certain format guidelines. By following the right format, your thesis will be more effective. This way, your instructor will understand it easier, making him or her give you a higher grade. This will also make it easier for your readers to understand your paper. Paper Writing Service will be able to help you format your thesis properly.

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Title Page

First, you must prepare your title page. Your title page must include your name, your thesis title, the date of your thesis defense, and the name of your thesis adviser. Your title page must also include a sentence that states what degree you are applying for. Your title page may also include a space for the signatures of the committee members. This is where they will sign when your thesis is approved. This space may also be placed in the next page.


Next, create an abstract before the page where you will put the table of contents. This is a 250 to 300 word brief summary of your entire study, including your justifications, goals and findings.

Table of Contents

The table of contents contains the outline of the major sections of your thesis. This includes the bibliography, appendix, graphics and tables. You can also add acknowledgements and dedications after the table of contents. This is where you must thank your friends, families and committee members.

Page Format

You should also follow the right page format for the paper you are using. Ask the instructor what he or she requires for your page format. It must have margins so that it can easily be bounded together. The margin must be 1 and a half inches n an 8 and a half by 11 inch paper. You must also check your page numbers and make sure they are placed accordingly. These things will be easier with the help of Paper Writing Service.

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