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What Makes a Perfect College Personal Statement?

Having trouble getting started on your college personal statement? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started. You will soon be on your way to a perfect college personal statement!

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Compile a detailed list of things that you would like to include in your college personal statement, such as characteristics, traits or skills that will help sell you to the admissions department. What is different or impressive about you? You will also want to include life events that have shaped and inspired you. These will make your college personal statement more memorable.

What have you learned about your chosen field that validates your being involved in it? Who or what has taught you these things? Convince the party that you are qualified, not only because of your intellect or experiences, but also because of your ambition and drive.

Include job experience that is related to your field. Even volunteer work or favors for friends and family in the field will do. If you don’t have any current experience, try shadowing a professional for a day. Describe some goals that have arose from these experiences? Anything you noticed that you want to change someday?

Describe any obstacles in your life that you have overcome. These hardships form your character and make you much more impressive to a juror. Colleges want to admit individuals who are reliable and use difficulties to better themselves. Don’t be negative about our experience, but rather tell how it positively impacted or motivated you.

Answer the question that is asked of you above all else. If you get through the essay and it is absolutely beautiful and portrays you perfectly but it doesn’t answer the question, then you have, in essence, failed at your task. There will be things that you must include in your essay because of their value to you, but don’t stray from the topic. Find a way to bring everything back together in the end.

Personalize your essay and you are bound to end up with a much more interesting piece. Decide on the message of your college personal statement and an angle at which to approach it. Complement this angle with an interesting type of introduction or conclusion that leaves the jury a bit mystified.

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