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Writing a College Essay with Correct Format

In addition to writing an essay for college that is original and has the appropriate arguments to support your thesis, there is another aspect that cannot be forgotten when writing a college essay. Format is important because it sets the structure that you follow for your writing. There are many different college writing formats and each college usually has one that it requires the students to use. APA and MLA are the two that are most commonly used for college essay format.

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Writing a College Essay Format APA Style

The APA college essay writing format has rules to follow for the manner in which you reference the sources of quotations and ideas you use in the essay. If you don’t know how to write a college essay format for APA you can have one of our experienced writers do the formatting for you. At CollegeEssayWriting.Biz we have the skilled writers who know the specific way in which to reference sources using author name, name of source and the year of publication so that it is correct in every way.

The use of multiple authors that you used for information is another aspect of writing a college essay format that is specific to APA. You only have to mention all the authors’ names in the first citation. After that this college essay format requires that you use “et al” to denote that there are several authors involved in one resource. If you use several sources by the same author, the names of the publications must be written in alphabetical order with the author’s name placed at the beginning of each one.

Writing a College Essay Format MLA Style

When writing a college essay, format with MLA style is not difficult to accomplish. You must use Times New Roman font in size 12 and the margins have to be set at one inch all around the page. Unlike the APA college writing formats that use block style for paragraphs, college essay writing format in MLA requires indented paragraphs. The size of the indent is that of the Tab key for five spaces. You will see that there is a specific way in which the pages must be numbered and named when you check out how to write a college essay format for MLA requirements.

It is vital to use the writing college essay format that is specified by the instructor or the college. If you are not sure of which one to use always make sure that you ask before you submit the paper and then lose marks because of it.

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