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If you have decided to place an order with us, you will have to fill in an order form. It takes about 5-7 minutes. However, do not rush to send it and make double check of instructions as the writing quality depends on the amount of paper details. Also don’t forget to provide us with your personal information and email address.

Next thing you need to do after placing an order is to make a payment. As soon as you pay the order we will assign the most appropriate writer to your paper. After receiving the details of the project, he/she will start working on it right away to deliver you the final product before the deadline. You can start traking your order in the Member’s Area (MA). With the help of your cooperation the paper will be written in the fastest and the most appropriate manner. Stay close to your computer and check your MA as many time as possible during the writing period to be able to make necessary corrections on the go.
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Once the rough draft of the order is completed, the writer will send it to you. You can uploaded it in your MA. Take your time and read it carefully while making necessary remarks and corrections. You should send all your remarks to the writer so he/she can start working on the final copy of your paper.
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Once the final copy of your paper is finished, it is being edited and proofread by experienced editors to ensure that it is error free and satisfies the academic writing standards of your institution. The completed work will be sent to the MA.

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